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Letter: Anti-maskers are grossly irresponsible and should be prosecuted

We don't allow impaired driving, right?


The COVID-19 anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who willfully expose others should be treated by the law (both criminally and civilly) like impaired drivers. Through willful negligence, the effects (death and injury) on others are the same. 

By their “reasoning” they clearly are willing to bring back epidemics of killer diseases like polio and smallpox. This is grossly irresponsible.

The deniers show absolutely zero regard for those with whom they come into contact, including their own children, parents, neighbours and co-workers.

For medical reasons, a few may, legitimately, not be able to be vaccinated. Fair enough, but for while the pandemic persists, they must self-quarantine.

The science from the overwhelming global majority of medical professionals and scientists definitively supports the safety, personal protection and disease spread limiting effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines. Admittedly, they may not be 100%, but still overwhelmingly better than not being vaccinated.

Let them refuse only if they go into total isolation (including from work, family and social and religious gatherings). If they do go out, make them wear signs showing that possible disease carrying status.

I hope some enterprising lawyer launches a law suit against the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers who have refused vaccination and public safety measures for everything have. They have spread death and disease to those with ineffective vaccinations or who are unable to be vaccinated.

This is not about “rights” – as in no one has the “right” to drive impaired. It is about overriding me-first selfishness and protecting and caring about others.

Ian C. MacLeod