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Opinion: Maskless guy lounging on Burnaby mall’s furniture is maddening

This incident follows an altercation over masks at a Burnaby store
mask maskless anti-mask lougheed mall
A man not wearing a mask sitting in Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby.

I was already in a bit of a foul mood when I went to a mall last night. I was steaming at the story in the NOW about an altercation at a Burnaby business between staff and a man who refused to wear a mask.

Then, as I was strolling through Lougheed Town Centre towards London Drugs, I spotted a dude wandering near me without a mask on in clear violation of the public health order.

He coughed loudly and wiped his face with his hand as he sauntered through the mall. I saw people bug their eyes out as they passed by him before trying to steer clear of him. People were shaking their heads as they walked by. 5

Then he stopped and sat himself down on one of the pieces of furniture that sit outside of London Drugs. There, he reclined and kept wiping his face and then putting his disgusting hands all over the furniture. (You can see him in the photo above.)

After I finished my shopping, I left the store and saw him get up and wander around again. He didn’t even have a mask around his neck. He just didn’t seem to care.

I thought about saying something, but then I remembered the altercation mentioned above.

Police were called to the Market Crossing Canadian Tire recently for an alleged assault, according to media spokesperson Cpl. Mike Kalanj.

As officers were en route, the store reported a man at the store had refused to put on a mask and then refused to leave.

“(The store) said that they were going to escort him out, and then he assaulted several of the employees,” Kalanj said.

By the time officers arrived, however, the man was already in cuffs, according to Kalanj.

A cell phone video posted online captured part of the confrontation.

The man can be seen in a store aisle surrounded by what look to be store employees.

“My human rights are trumping your f***ing mask mandates,” the man yells.

Yeah, so I thought better of it. If someone refusing to even abide by simply health rules then there’s a good chance they are itching to get into an argument with someone about.

Seriously, I still don’t get why wearing a mask for a few minutes in a store or a mall is really such a big deal. I don’t even notice my mask anymore and sometimes forget to take it off when I get home or into my car.

And I really feel for all of the store staff who have to brace for a confrontation when a customer refuses to wear a mask. 

Just stop it.

  • With additional reporting by Cornelia Naylor

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