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Letter: Burnaby's biggest school just got new sidewalks; why not Alpha?

Students are just 'dumped off on the road'
Part of Alpha Secondary that doesn't have sidewalks.


Burnaby North Secondary School just got new sidewalks and they already had decent sidewalks.
Alpha Secondary has no sidewalks leading to the school on Alpha Avenue, pretty much from Parker to Union Street.
Kids are dumped off onto the road.
Also annoying for other pedestrians using the neighbourhood.
How can a 70-year-old school not have sidewalks leading to its main entrance?
There is a narrow sidewalk (not as wide as standard municipal sidewalks) the runs along the school property. When it ends, so does the sidewalk. No sidewalk on either side of the road from Venables to Union streets on Alpha.
From Union to Hastings just one sidewalk on the western side of Alpha Avenue.
Very poor walkability.
Margaret Hansen, Burnaby