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Letters: Keep the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival, local residents say

It appears Burnaby residents are hoping to keep the annual Blues and Roots Festival as city staff is recommending to replace it.
Summer music: Ruby Waters performs at the 2022 Burnaby Blues and Roots festival. This year’s concert will feature Fleet Foxes on Friday, Aug. 12. | Jennifer Gauthier, Burnaby NOW

The Editor:

Re: Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival could be coming to an end (Feb. 22, 2024)

I am a 60-year-old life-long Burnaby resident and I am mad that [the city] plans on hijacking my cultural festival.

I am a blues lover as are a lot of younger folks.

Start your own festival.

- John Hall, Burnaby

The festival was much better when there was a cost of under $40. Then we could afford good acts like Smoky Robinson or K.D. Lang.

"Blues and Roots" seem to include all genres of music, i.e. Motown, Country, Reggae, Blues, etc.

This Mayor and council seem to be set on eliminating everything good in Burnaby.

Our July 1 celebration was much better at Swangard Stadium, which provided a stand to sit and enjoy the music and festivities.

They have torn down C.G. Brown indoor pool and no start to construct a new pool. And this idea to redo Shadbolt Centre is ridiculous.

Stop the destruction and demolition of Burnaby.

- Ruth Douglas, Burnaby

Where else can you get a full day of roots and blues? 

All the places in Metro Vancouver that play blues have closed.

Please keep the festival, and thanks, Burnaby council, for the free gate admission last year.

- Angus Brown, Burnaby

Please keep the Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival.

- Arlene, Burnaby

As much as I love the idea of a free festival, I think that those are better done at local parks for smaller events.

Burnaby does do a lot of free events (music, movies, etc.) in their parks during the summer.

Deer Lake is a gorgeous place and having to pay, I think, brings in people who care about the venue and will for the most part be responsible and respectful.

I also think it keeps it more family friendly.

Having it open to all with no payment would, I think, have the area overrun with people, and the environment would not be as conducive to families with smaller children, and could also prove to draw in those that only want to make trouble and destroy the park and its property.

I just would not feel as drawn to the event, or as safe.

- Nadia in Burnaby Heights