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Photos: Litter cleanup makes unexpected finds in Burnaby park

Event sees community members coming together to make a positive environmental impact.

On Saturday May 27, the Lower Mainland Green Team in partnership with Byrne Creek Streamkeepers and City of Burnaby hosted a spring litter cleanup and storm drain marking session at Ron McLean Park and surrounding areas.

The event drew around 55 environmentally conscious community members to volunteer their time for this event. 

According to Ashton Kerr, the program manager of the Lower Mainland Green Team, the volunteers — from all ages and backgrounds — came together to remove over 60 kilograms of litter (including around 1,000 cigarette butts) and painted 107 yellow fish on storm drains. 

The team is also reiterating the importance of keeping the environment clean after discovering large amounts of litter from just one park; ranging from small pieces of litter to larger items such as pieces of carpet, a bucket of cement, garbage bags full of broken tiles, light bulbs, firecrackers, electronics, DVDs and more.

The group will also be inviting members from the community to work alongside the Cariboo Heights Preservation Society on Saturday, June 10, from 9:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. and help remove invasive plants including Himalayan blackberry, English ivy and small balsam in the area.

Here are some highlights of the event in Burnaby captured by the photographer Jennifer Gauthier.