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Police raid Burnaby teen's bedroom, find 'buckets of ammo'

RCMP also say city has seen a surge in gang violence

If you raid the bedrooms of most 17-year-old boys, you’ll likely just find junk food, some weed and a few adult videos.

Burnaby RCMP found much more than that when they executed a search warrant on the room of a 17-year-old boy.

According to a tweet by Burnaby RCMP, officers seized weapons, including a retractable baton, and “buckets of ammo” from the youth.

“This same youth is believed to have left a loaded handgun in a ride-hailing (vehicle),”read the tweet.

Officers also seized a number of prepackage baggies filled with drugs, including meth.

“Proactive police work keeps hard drugs and weapons off our streets,” said a second tweet.

Burnaby RCMP also tweeted Friday about another seizure after members of the Burnaby Gang Enforcement Team checked a vehicle in the 4500 block of Still Creek. They found $1,700 in cash, multiple cell phones, weapons and prepackaged drugs, including “suspected fentanyl.”

Burnaby has seen surge in gang violence recently.

A 32-year-old man gunned down in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Burnaby this week had served time for shooting another man to death when he was 17 years old, according to court documents.

Chris Kenworthy was found dead inside his car after shots rang out in the 6500 block of Portland Street on the south side of the city just before 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Homicide investigators said the shooting had been targeted.

Burnaby saw a 31% increase in gang violence last year compared to 2019, according to Burnaby RCMP.

Three out of the four murders in the city in 2020 were gang-related as were six stabbings and nine shootings, police said.

  • With additional reporting by Cornelia Naylor
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