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These were the most expensive commercial properties sold in Burnaby last year

Commercial properties sold in 2023 for prices ranging from $10.3 million to $3.3 million

Residential home sales get a lot of attention in Burnaby, but what about commercial properties?

It's a valuable market: so what were the most expensive properties sold last year? Read on.

6401 Kingsway in Burnaby sold for $10,300,000.

6401 Kingsway

  • Sold for $10,300,000
  • Neighbourhood: Highgate
  • Lot size: 32,234 sq. ft. (0.74 acres)
  • Listing features: "Well-positioned for future mixed-use development," "sizable building at over 10,000 square-feet with near-term lease expiries" and two restaurant tenants
  • Sold March 10 after 115 days on market
Four industrial strata units in Burnaby including 3653 Wayburne Dr. each sold for $7,000,000.

Four industrial strata units

7305 Buller Ave. in Burnaby sold for $6,750,000.

7305 Buller Ave.

  • Sold for $6,750,000
  • Neighbourhood: Metrotown
  • Land size: 23,000 sq. ft., according to BC Assessment
  • Listing features: "Just over half an acre of entitled industrial land with warehouse and yard within 700m of the Royal Oak SkyTrain," approved development permit/building permit for "state of the art autobody shop"
  • Sold Dec. 8, 2022 after zero days on market (reported April 2023)
6011 Hastings St. in Burnaby sold for $6,450,000.

6011 Hastings St.

  • Sold for $6,450,000
  • Neighbourhood: Capitol Hill
  • Land size: 12,018 sq. ft., according to BC Assessment
  • Listing features: A two-storey building with Italian pizza restaurant with wood-fired pizza oven on lwoer level and ready-to-tenant upstairs office space; "prime for redevelopment"
  • Sold Nov. 17 after 170 days on market
3887 Second Ave. in Burnaby sold in 2022 for $4,875,000.

3887 Second Ave.

  • Sold for $4,875,000
  • Neighbourhood: Burnaby North
  • Lot size: 12,197 sq. ft.
  • Listing features: Property has an approximately 8,374 sq. ft. freestanding two-storey building built in the 1980s with "concrete tilt-up walls and a metal clad exterior" and 12 surface parking stalls, currently used as a data centre
  • Sold Dec. 15, 2022 after 216 days on market (reported March 2023)
3736 Parker St. in Burnaby sold for $4,680,000.

3736 Parker St.

  • Sold for $4,680,000
  • Neighbourhood: Willingdon Heights
  • Building size: 6,978 sq. ft.
  • Listing features: Showroom area, two grade loading doors, three phase power, 12-foot ceiling, onsite parking
  • Sold Aug. 29 after 131 days on market
SL 5 4289 Dawson St. in Burnaby sold for $3,700,000.

SL 5 4289 Dawson St.

  • Sold for $3,700,000
  • Neighbourhood: Brentwood
  • Building size: 2,665 sq. ft.
  • Listing features: Four exclusive parking stalls
  • Sold Nov. 28 after 82 days on market
5462 Imperial St. in Burnaby sold for $3,365,000.

5462 Imperial St.

  • Sold for $3,365,000
  • Neighbourhood: Metrotown
  • Land size: 6,273 sq. ft., according to BC Assessment
  • Listing features:  "Single tenant investment property with re-development potential to four-storey mixed use under current OCP," current use is auto repair facility
  • Sold July 14 after 70 days on market
120-5118 North Fraser Way in Burnaby sold for $3,315,000.

120-5118 North Fraser Way

  • Sold for $3,315,000
  • Neighbourhood: Big Bend
  • Building size: 5,180 sq. ft.
  • Listing features: Strata unit with dock and grade loading doors with 25-foot clear ceiling heights and office space
  • Sold Jan. 19 after 108 days on market