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Violent Vancouver carjacking ends in Burnaby crash: police

Suspect faces charges of robbery, mischief and breach of conditional sentence order
Burnaby firefighters examine a crashed vehicle stolen in a violent carjacking in Vancouver Thursday evening, according to police.

A violent Vancouver carjacking ended in a crash in Burnaby Thursday, according to Vancouver police.

The suspect had reportedly been kicked out of his home by roommates at about 6 p.m. because he was “heavily intoxicated,” according to an email from Vancouver Police Department media relations officer Const. Tania Visintin.

The man then allegedly left the home, threw a basket of clothes on the front lawn and climbed onto the hood of a vehicle with the driver, a stranger, still inside, Visintin said.

“He broke the passenger-side mirror of the car, opened the driver-side door, and punched the driver,” she said. “He then dragged the driver out of the vehicle.”

The man then drove off eastbound into Burnaby, according to Visintin.

VPD got a report a short time later from the Burnaby RCMP that it had crashed into an unoccupied vehicle near Henning Drive and Boundary Road, she said.

The man was taken into custody and now faces charges of robbery, mischief and breach of a conditional sentence order.

The driver who had allegedly been punched and pulled out of the stolen vehicle by the suspect was taken to hospital for minor injuries.