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You'll never guess what name Burnaby chose for this temporary community centre

Is the "essence" of this Burnaby community centre and library wrapped up in its name?

Does a community centre by any other name smell as temporary?

The City of Burnaby's executive committee will vote next week on a staff recommendation to approve the name of the temporary Cameron Community Centre and Library which is coming to Lougheed mall this fall.

The name?

Temporary Cameron Community Centre and Library.

It can also be called the Cameron Community Centre and Library (temporary location) "depending on the communication type and application," according to a staff report.

With the redevelopment of the existing Cameron Community Centre and Library at 9523 Cameron St. approaching, some of its services, including the library and community centre, are moving to the mall for the next three years.

The city will open and operate the Temporary Cameron Community Centre and Library at nearby Lougheed mall when the existing facility is closed.

City policy requires the executive committee of council to recommend the names for Burnaby's civic facilities.

The report states there is more than 40 years of "branding and name recognition" that comes with the current Cameron Centre name.

Staff said the name is "well established in the community" and residents and patrons have strong relationships and emotional ties to the facility and its staff.

"Inherent in the current name and the brand is the understanding that it is a civic facility that people can trust," states the report.

"As the current facility will be demolished and replaced, there is value in keeping the connection to the Cameron name. A number of current services will not be carried over to the temporary site, but the city will still have the brand – the same people, same level of service, same friendly and the approachable atmosphere. All of this is wrapped into the essence of the existing Cameron Recreation Centre and Library."

The report notes Cameron has been in place for more than 40 years and "could be around for at least another 40 years."

"The word 'temporary' sends the message that there is 'more to come,'" states the report.

"As the temporary location is inside the shopping centre, the public will easily surmise that all of the existing services at Cameron Recreation Complex will not be moving over due to the physical size of the mall."

Beth Davies, the city's chief librarian, confirmed to the NOW the name Temporary Library McLibraryface was not considered as an option.