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Bomb threat used in robbery

Most bank robberies involve a knife, or threat of a gun hidden from view or a threatening note passed to a bank teller, but a would-be thief in Burnaby used a far more Hollywood approach Wednesday.

Did you know? Facts about union history

Did you know? Here are a few facts about early union history in Canada, courtesy of the federal government: Around 1860, the earliest Canadian unions were mostly craft unions composed of skilled workers such as tailors, shoemakers and printers.

Why local teachers are taking job action

Many people may not be aware of why teachers are taking job action at this time.

VIDEO: Dreams come true in Burnaby

Amanjot Khera, 16, will need a heart transplant someday, due to a heart condition she's had since birth.

Burnaby man charged with assault

A 29-year-old Burnaby man was arrested Thursday night and charged with robbery, aggravated assault and uttering threats to cause bodily harm or death. John Alexander Thomas Stronach is facing those charges in relation to an Aug.

Historic ceremony marks return of ancient aboriginal remains

People gathered at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus on Aug. 30 for a special ceremony marking the return of ancient aboriginal remains from an archaeological site near Bella Bella.

Station Square is keeping up with the neighbours

Like many of its neighbouring properties, Station Square near Metrotown is making big expansion plans. The Metrotown area has seen a surge of new developments, particularly residential and commercial high-rises, start up over the past year.

Help around the world

The labour movement isn't just about what affects workers here in B.C. or in Canada. Canadian unions do their part to help the situation of workers all around the world.

Post-secondary education an investment that benefits everyone

As students head back to colleges, universities and institutes across B.C. this September, we are reminded that post-secondary education needs to be more accessible and affordable for all.

Teachers ready for job action

Teachers will be instructing but not doing administrative work