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UniverCity community transit pass turfed

The UniverCity Community Pass, the region's only community transit pass program, has been cancelled.

Chief walks out - after 36 years

Bob Cook, Burnaby's top firefighter, retired with a walk-out ceremony at the main Burnaby Fire Hall on Thursday.

Mr. Young is back in Burnaby

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer? How about taking them to see the filming of a popular Canadian television show? YTV's Mr.

Puppy dies after being locked in car in Burnaby

The SPCA is investigating a July 2 incident where a six-month-old puppy died after being locked in a car parked at BCIT. The puppy had been in direct sunlight, inside the car, for approximately three hours.

Burnaby SFU students and staff playing hockey for food donations

Imagine having a chance to go across the country and playing ball hockey. And imagine being able to do it for a good cause, namely the collection of 20,000 pounds of food for local food banks.

Think before you flush

Canadians urged to 'stop using toilets as garbage cans'

Think eco-footprint when stepping into home-buying

Purchasing a home involves making many decisions.

Saving cash by going co-op

Modo, formerly known as the Co-operative Auto Network, has a whole new look, a whole new name and possibly a whole new bunch of customers who are looking to stay clear of increased gas prices.

Smell ya later, food scraps

Using folded newsprint catches kitchen scrap odours