Burnaby residents dispute claim ‘all’ roads cleared

Some residents, including those in the Cariboo hill area, say they are 'trapped' by snow

The Burnaby NOW posted a story this morning (Friday) about a City of Burnaby update on road-clearing efforts after this week’s winter story.

“Snow has successfully been cleared from all Burnaby roads, and crews are now patrolling sections receiving light snowfall and patrolling for any remaining, untreated streets,” read a tweet Friday morning.

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The reaction has been swift on the NOW’s Facebook page, with residents saying the city has contradicted itself and that some areas have been ignored by plows.

Tara Jensen: “Lol. I can assure you this is definitely not the case. Stratford at Curtis which is a school drop off is a sheet of packed ice/snow - our road is barely cleared on Capitol Hill. Nice try city.”

Adam Ballantyne: “You can't (say) ‘successfully been cleared’ yet still have ‘remaining, untreated streets.’”

Rod Chan: “Cariboo Rd Subdivision still a bad area too.”

Rheana Lysette: “Cariboo Heights. Picture from 5 minutes ago. We are trapped, our neighbours are trapped.Not a chance in heck our amazing sanitation workers are getting thru here unless a plow comes by soon. Hasn’t been plowed not even once.”

Adam Tutt: “I'd like to know their definition of "successfully."

Shannon Anderson: “Please do side streets around Cariboo rd & 16th! I can't get out of my complex with my baby in his stroller because i have no sidewalk or road with no snow to travel on. I can't get through to even get to the bus on cariboo rd, i can't get to Armstrong ave to get my oldest child to school and need help from neighbours. Please do this area, we are all stuck.”

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