Burnaby RCMP returned to this infamous intersection and handed out lotsa tickets

Chris Campbell

On Nov. 2, I wrote a blog about the Burnaby RCMP traffic division handing out 199 tickets to drivers at the intersection of Kensington and Canada Way.

I believe I used the phrase “fish in a barrel” because there are so many bad drivers who do stupid things at that intersection – especially during rush hour.

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On Tuesday, they were back at it – both the police and the bad drivers.

On Twitter, @BurnabyRCMP tweeted out they returned to Kensington and Canada Way and handed out 14 tickets in just 90 minutes.

The tickets were for impatient drivers heading westbound on Canada Day who try to bypass the two lanes of traffic veering north onto Kensington towards Highway 1.

To do this, they drive into the intersection and then suddenly hang a right around the large median before trying to shoehorn back into the traffic flow to get on the highway.

This is what I wrote at the time: “It’s totally illegal and stupid and enraging – but never underestimate the brazen stupidity of an impatient driver. Or their shamelessness as they block an entire intersection with their move.”

A shoutout to the police for returning to the scene of the crimes. Maybe if they do this enough, people will get the idea.

But I’m not holding my breath.

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