Opinion: Just look at what this goof did in a parking lot

Chris Campbell

Back in August, I wrote about an entitled pickup truck driver hogging two spots in a Burnaby parking lot.

The story went nuts online and I took my fair share of abuse from pickup drivers who claimed that because their trucks are so big it’s OK for them to hog multiple spots.

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Well, no, it doesn’t work that way.

But take a look at this new entrant in the entitled pickup truck driver hall of shame.

The photo was tweeted by Jenna Mo and shows a driver taking up two spots, plus bleeding into third and fourth spots in a parking lot in Ottawa.


This is some crazy stuff. It’s the busiest shopping time of the year and parking lots are crammed with shoppers, but this chump thinks it’s OK to do this.

And, no, the truck is not too big for a single spot. There’s plenty of room, they’re just a bad human who do not care about other humans. How do you even look yourself in the mirror in the morning after acting like this?

It’s monstrous behaviour because it would have been so simple to just park properly (I love Mo’s tweet because it’s so succinct).

This garbage has got to stop.

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