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Letter: Burnaby north skies have become a ‘flying circus’

Changes to air traffic flight paths have ruined a community’s peace and quiet with constant noise from jets, small planes and helicopters, reader laments.
jet aircraft noise over delta, bc
Changes to flight patterns in the Lower Mainland have created an overhead noise pollution problem in Burnaby, a readers say.


As of Wednesday May 24, 2023, the skies over north Burnaby became a three-ring flying circus with the constant roar of low-flying jets rumbling, small planes roaring, and now for some reason helicopters buzzing and chopping to create an unending cacophony of noise over our once pristine and quiet calm skies.

I've lived in this area of Burnaby for over 60 years, and I am beside myself with this change above me, where from at least 6 in the morning to 10 or 11 at night all these airplanes are roaring above me in the sky which up until now was calm, peaceful and quiet.

I had read that a flight path was being planned, but I didn't see any other information on this situation until the fateful morning on May 24 when Nav Canada unleashed this hellfire above.

This change to the skies is simply unacceptable, who are these bureaucrats who've drawn some line on a map and decided to ruin a community's quiet calm to run these stupid low flying jets over an area that previously was quiet and is nowhere near the airport.

This flight path change has to be stopped!

Kurt Belliveau