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Letter: Burnaby public art projects are still failing

Beresford Street Art Walk project still isn't living up to expectations.
Beresford art walk
The Beresford Street Art Walk project still hasn't lived up to its billing, this Metrotown-area resident says.


Thank you for publishing my letter on April 21, 2021. In it I complained about the scruffy state of a lot on the corner of MacKay and Beresford. It surrounds a sculpture which has been placed there as part of the Beresford Street Art Walk project. Unfortunately, the park benches on that piece of property were seriously in need of a coat of paint, and the accompanying planters were filling up with weeds.

It is a year later, and nothing has changed.

On the opposite corner stands a condo tower with a 60-by-160-foot illuminated sign across the facade. This too was one of the art pieces, and switched on it was quite spectacular. However, it has been dark for over a year now.

What has changed is that further up Beresford, a new tower has opened its doors and has installed four sculptures out front which are illuminated at night. And the city continues to do an excellent job of maintaining its landscaping.

I live in a modest building in the Metrotown area, and we employ a landscaping company to maintain our lawns, trees and shrubs. As for flowers, several of us volunteer to plant, weed and water them. We are doing our part to beautify the neighbourhood, but I believe some Beresford Street buildings are not coming up to the mark. What I find especially concerning is that I thought that these artworks were promised in exchange for density bonuses.

Gregory Bourgeois