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Letters: Hey, that was my idea! City should give me credit

QR codes on signs will be good for everyone — but this letter writer says Burnaby should give credit where it's due.
Burnaby city council has approved a modernized parks signage plan.


It's great to see that the City of Burnaby is moving forward and enacting consistent signage in their parks. However, when it comes to adding QR codes to their signs, they aren't giving credit where it's due.

I suggested that the city should add QR codes during a presentation to the parks commission in March. My suggestion was the QR codes could be used to tell the stories of the people and places that the parks are named after, along with easily allowing park visitors to report maintenance issues, as well as exploring Burnaby's past from an educational and reconciliation point of view. My presentation was referred to city staff, who then included the QR code idea in their parks signage proposal.

I'm glad that council used one of my better ideas for the benefit of all park users, but it would be nice if they gave credit where it was due. Burnaby works best when creativity and collaboration with its citizens is utilized to move this city forward in a good way.

Martin Kendell, Burnaby