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Letter: Covering outdoor pools won't fix cold Burnaby weather

Cover or no cover, some days just need an indoor pool.
Swimming in an outdoor pool is appealing — until it's too cold. This letter writer says a cover over Kensington Pool isn't sufficient.


Re:Temporary cover at Burnaby pool a 'complete embarrassment': mayor

A permanent cover will not fix the temperature problem outside at an outdoor pool.

C.G. Brown should not have been closed until the new pool at Cameron was built. This seems to be pretty obvious logic. The best solution would be to reopen C.G. Brown until Cameron is built. Then, people currently using Kensington would have a viable solution — not a permanent roof on an outdoor pool which is only reserved for warmer weather months.

My seven-year-old daughters are currently at Kensington on Saturday mornings. I probably don’t have to go into detail on what it takes to get them out the door for their synchro practice when it’s below 10 degrees outside — a struggle.

Thank you for bringing light to this issue. I’m hopeful that a reasonable solution can be reached.

Michelle Cavallo