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Letter: I'm 'stunned' Burnaby would remove parkland for waste

This reader isn't thrilled about a proposed organic waste recycling facility at Fraser Foreshore Park.
The trails along Riverbend Drive, at Fraser Foreshore Park, are a popular spot for Burnaby dog walkers and wildlife watchers.


An open letter to Burnaby city council:

Re: 20 acres of Burnaby park could be converted from wetlands to waste facility

If 4800 Riverbend Dr. is the park area where people enter the trail next to the Burnaby Youth Custody Services Centre, then I strongly oppose the loss of this parkland. As a regular dog walker (for many years) on the trails in this area, I see how it is a very popular spot for walking.

You will find a lot of wildlife in this area: eagles, herons, hawks, rabbits, coyotes, ducks, geese, black capped chickadees, etc. At one point there was even a deer. Bird photographers often frequent this area. It’s a lovely riverside walk and place to enjoy flora and fauna on the inner trails. People blackberry pick in this parkland area during the summer and regularly sit on the numerous benches to enjoy the nature. In the fall, its deciduous trees are full of colour and the leaves create a beautiful, colourful trail.

It’s a nice, flat trail that is popular with dog walkers. The trails are wide, making it easy for two or more people to walk side by side with their dogs and still easily pass oncoming walkers. It’s especially good for shaded walks with dogs when experiencing a summer heat wave. The air stays cooler in the area.

I’m absolutely stunned that removal of this or any parkland would even be considered for this facility. Parkland should and must be protected.

I suggest that the council members take a walk on the trails in this beautiful area, if they haven’t already done so. About four years ago, fencing was erected around a piece of land in the centre of this parkland and signage posted stating the importance of reclaiming the natural area. Clearly it was deemed important enough to restrict people from even walking on the grassland (and to stay on the trails).

I read in the article that you expect public opposition. Of course you will! The Lower Mainland must endeavour to protect park space.

Liana Hyde