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Letter: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to step up and be a climate leader

Wildfires, extreme heat remind us it's time to get away from fossil fuels, and we need a Just Transition Act to work for Canada
Extreme Heat Thermometer
This year's extreme heat and wildfires were reminders of the urgent need to move away from fossil fuels.


The vast majority of fossil fuel workers in Canada want the government to get to work legislating a Just Transition. According to a poll recently released by Iron & Earth, 69% of oil and gas workers are interested in shifting to jobs in the green economy.

After years of calling for just transition legislation, the federal government undertook a public consultation process about what this legislation should look like. Myself and thousands of people across the country made submissions calling for a bold Just Transition Act that leaves no worker or community behind.

If this past summer of extreme heat, wildfires, drought and floods ravaging the country show us anything, it’s that we need to move swiftly away from fossil fuels and towards an energy solutions that protect the planet for future generations. But we all know that to do that we need Justin Trudeau to stop just trying to look like a climate leader and actually be one.

That’s why we all need to be diligent in the weeks to come to ensure that whatever legislation is presented in the House of Commons reflects science, creates good, green jobs, and addresses the needs of workers and communities that’ll be most impacted by this shift.

Kip Chow