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Letter: SkyTrain noise reduction needs to be a priority

How can SkyTrain be a better neighbour?
It's time to make SkyTrain noise reduction a priority, this writer says.56


Re: SkyTrain noise is 'excessive' in Burnaby

TransLink completed a major SkyTrain Noise study in 2018 to determine the causes of the over 90db of unhealthy SkyTrain noise, which included a focus on the impacts of noise on SkyTrain riders as well as the impact of the noise on neighbourhoods along the SkyTrain guideway. Part of this study developed noise mitigation tools to reduce the SkyTrain noise. As it stands now, the results of these actions are disappointing and only provide temporary relief.

TransLink and the Mayor’s Council are always talking about expanding the SkyTrain system, but it’s really time TransLink properly maintained the existing SkyTrain infrastructure and made SkyTrain noise reduction a priority. It must provide the necessary funding to support noise suppression and expedite actions to ensure SkyTrain is finally a “good neighbour” and provides their SkyTrain patrons with an enjoyable, healthy, peaceful ride!

Ken Pett