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Letter: This 'YIMBY' trusts Burnaby's idea for green waste plant

Why all the naysaying about an organic waste plant? Let's assume the City of Burnaby has explored all the options and knows what it's doing, this writer says.
This file shot of Burnaby's Fraser Foreshore Park shows some of the well-used cycling and walking paths. This letter writer says residents should be YIMBYs and trust council to do the right thing when it comes to a planned organic waste recycling facility on parkland.


I write to you in order to display my dismay in regards to the multiple NIMBY articles in the opinion section of your online publication referring to Burnaby's intention to build a green waste facility on what is currently parkland in South Burnaby

I often disagree with council's direction and/or the slow speed of their planning activities. On this occasion, I would put forward the assumption that all of the councillors, no matter their political affiliation, are well aware of the environmental aspects of this particular facility's location. After having the staff report return without any alternative suitable locations, one can assume that the need to deal with the byproducts (green waste), produced within our own city, trumps the current alternative that has us trucking our waste to facilities inside the boundaries of other communities.

Coincidentally, one of the NIMBY authors mentioned two Burnaby councillors by name: Alison Gu (because she is youthful) and Joe Kiethly (because he is a member of the Green Party), both of whom I supported and voted for in the last election.

I also chose, along with the majority of Burnaby voters, to vote yes in the referendum during the last civic election to incorporate multiple parcels of land into the Burnaby parks network.

After weighing the pros and cons, and exploring the advice of experts, I believe the councillors will make the correct decision.

I also share an affinity to the location as I have lived and worked in close proximity to it for more than five decades. I walk my dog at the trail along the river and will continue to do so long after the facility is up and running. 

Hopefully the Fraser River waterfront pathway could be lengthened and improved with funding generated from the green waste facility. There is no reason any trail access along the river will be lost.

The very small, but vocal, opposition to this necessary infrastructure seems to have the ear of your editor. The opinion page of your publication had four NIMBY authored articles published. I hope you give the reasoned side of this story equal billing. Go YIMBYs!

Clark Campbell, South Burnaby