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Letter: Vote against removal of parkland in Burnaby

Burnaby should set an example for other governments in the fight against destruction of parkland and habitat, reader says.
Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park.


Regarding your story on the proposed development on Foreshore Park, I am upset.

Residents of Burnaby were never informed, and what does this say for the future of any park space? With global warming and the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil, the city should be an example for countries to fight against destruction of parkland and habitat.

Council should have had a community meeting with everybody and not just shove this down our throats.

To get out of this environmental destruction, those opposed need to fill out a ballot, but this is ridiculous because of the lack of consultation with the community. We must save our parkland for the future and not destroy it.

I suggest that the people on council who say they are from the Green Party look at themselves, and they are no different from any other parties. Disgusted.

Residents, please rally your neighbours and get them to fill out the electoral ballet to strike down this decision.

Cynthia Farley