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Letters: Say no to organic waste plant

Parkland is too valuable to give up for proposed facility, readers say.
Twenty-one acres of parkland at Fraser Foreshore Park in Burnaby, B.C., could be removed to become the site of a green waste facility.


A definite NO to an organic waste site.

We live fairly close by and walk in the area about five days a week. First of all, I can’t believe that you would take land out of a designated park area for this purpose. It’s a beautiful area full of birds and small animals.

Parkland should always stay as park land as many people have no choice but to live in apartments so only have park lands to enjoy nature. On weekends this area is very busy with walkers, cyclists and people just enjoying nature. It’s a dangerous precedent to set.

Secondly, it is so close to the Fraser River that I’m shocked that it’s even a consideration. Surely there is going to be some contamination/runoff from the site. I can’t believe that it would pass environmental standards.

Please reconsider, DEFINITELY NO!

Bonnie Mclellan



I am completely opposed to the locating of a waste facility here.

Firstly it’s a wetland adjacent to the North Arm of the Fraser River. There is always going to be an accidental discharge sometime.

Secondly, it’s a designated park area. And thirdly, it’s going to be situated near the homes of tens of thousands of residents with the accompanying odour.

As regards the assurances given by the engineering firm in regards to my concerns I do not trust that they will be able live up to their promises. History bears me out.

I suggest finding a less sensitive area. The extra costs associated with a more distant site are bearable.

George Ogilvie


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