Letter: Burnaby Arts Council distances itself from anti-rinks letter


Re: Letter: Burnaby doesn't need more ice rinks; it needs a new art gallery, NOW, March 14

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As co-chair of the Burnaby Arts Council, I would like express to the residents of Burnaby, the mayor and council, as well as the park board, that we do not share the same views as Darcy Olson.

His letter to the editor written on March 14 does not reflect or represent the Burnaby Arts Council’s current position. We are in the process of working with city council and other stakeholders to bring arts and culture to the forefront in Burnaby.

For those who attended the last open council meeting on March 11, one could not ignore the support and enthusiasm from city councillors and the mayor regarding the importance of the arts in our city. 

This enthusiasm is coupled with the need for new facilities that encourage Burnaby residents to play, stay healthy and connect with their community. The Burnaby Arts Council looks forward to working with the City of Burnaby to create connections, bridge cultures, and contribute to building a strong community through the arts.

Maria Anna Parolin, Burnaby


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