Letter: T&T says Burnaby mask 'fee' is actually a donation


Re: Burnaby store’s mask requirement feels like a sales ‘gimmick’, NOW Letters

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I am the Marketing Manager of T&T Supermarket.

I am writing to you with regard to the article on May 15. On behalf of T&T Supermarket, I would like to further clarify the claim from Mr. Richard Wong in his letter to your publication.

We had announced that starting May 11, we will require our customers to wear face coverings in order to enter our store.

If anyone who does not have a face mask at our entrance, we will provide one for them. At the same time, we will give the customer a slip requesting the customer to donate $1 to PC Children’s Charity. This is a 100% voluntary request and not mandatory one.

T&T coupon to make a donation. Contribution

We believe that there was a communication gap between Mr. Wong and our staff at the entrance. Our staff should have explain more clearly to Mr. Wong that the $1 per face mask was not going to our profit but for donation to a charity organization.

As T&T is one of the essential businesses during the COVID-19 period, we just want to provide more convenience to the public as well as helping out the community at the same time.

Paul Wong, T&T

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