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Chorus of voices denounces Campbell award

What were they thinking? Giving Gordon Campbell the Order of B.C. may be the most misplaced accolade since Taylor Hicks won American Idol.

Help the homeless now

Dear Editor: Re Businesses work on homelessness strategy, Burnaby NOW, Aug. 17. Kudos to Burnaby Board of Trade CEO Paul Holden for his emerging Made in Burnaby homelessness strategy.

No election, but path ahead is murky for B.C

B.C.'s fixed-election-date law has always been a gimmick. The law sets a date, but also allows a premier to call an election whenever he or she feels the time is right.

Child 'bans' spark plenty of debate

I'm fairly certain that in the top 10 media topics in 2011 so far - right behind the Royal Wedding, and possibly ahead of the U.S. debt issue - is the "banning unruly children from public places" story.

On Labour Day, consider modern workplaces

These days, we tend to take the eight hour work day for granted.

Learn rules for funding

Dear Editor: Earlier in the year, the B.C. government unveiled new rules regarding how graduation scholarships would be calculated and awarded.

Let's put this behind us

Dear Editor: Now that British Columbians have voted decisively to abandon the HST and go back to the former PST/GST system it is in everyone's interest for the transition to occur as quickly as possible.

Protest was inspiring

Dear Editor: Unlike many Canadians, I did not get an opportunity to watch the state funeral of NDP leader Jack Layton. I have been to too many funerals lately to feel compelled to attend through television.

All changed by Layton

Dear Editor: Jack has left a strong legacy, not only in his living, but in his dying. His strong advocacy and ability to see both despair (to name it and respond to it) and hope in so many places will always remain his mark.

Votes are in, but outcome on HST still hazy

The hated HST is dead. Soon its equally unloved cousin, the PST, will be dug up and pressed back into service. Opposition parties and their allies are declaring victory, and corporations and their allies are predicting economic disasters.