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BCTF out of touch with reality

How many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work - with pay - because a friend has died? That type of paid leave is precisely what the B.C.

Tell gov't to scrap HST

Dear Editor: Re: Bloy: 'No' is the way to go, Letters to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, July 6. When I read MLA Harry Bloy's mendacious letter on why we should keep the HST, my blood pressure went to an all-time high.

With mission over, time to consider future

What will Canada's role be in future conflicts, and how closely should we ally ourselves with U.S. policy decisions?

Royals are part of our heritage

Dear Editor: Re: It's all royal, all the time, in Canada this week, Our View, Burnaby NOW, July 6.

BCTF: valid requests lost among "extremes"

The endless days of summer don't seem so endless when there's the looming spectre of possible job action in schools come fall. Members of the B.C.

Anger makes HST choice difficult

I hate making crucial decisions when I'm angry. And I mean really angry, not just upset or a bit miffed.

Tax revenue funds services

Dear Editor: From time to time, there are calls from senior citizens and others for lower property taxes or other types of assistance. I am 81 years old and, like many other pensioners, could certainly use a few extra dollars.

NDP misleading on HST

Dear Editor: (Re: Scrap HST, Burnaby NOW, July 1.) Kathy Corrigan and Raj Chouhan write that constituents are sick and tired of the government's deceptions. For their sake, their constituents better not be against all deceptions.

Mayor 'browbeat' women

Dear Editor: Re: Tree activist upset over mayor's reaction, Burnaby NOW, June 28. I was in attendance to support the three women who have worked tirelessly to convince the mayor and council to strengthen Burnaby's tree bylaw.

It's all royal, all the time, in Canada this week

They're attractive, pleasant, young newlyweds, but, really, do they deserve all of this media attention?