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Give concert-goers transit help

Dear Editor: I was really displeased to leave Deer Lake Park with some estimated 5,000 other people who attended the Tragically Hip concert to see there was only regular transit service along Canada Way.

Keeping the HST is better for B.C.

Dear Editor: Re: Tell gov't to scrap HST, Letters to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, July 13.

The real price of foreign aid

Dear Editor: Nobody is more deserving of our attention and help than the 10 or 12 million people who are suffering from a drought for two years running.

Protecting parks should be a mandate for us all

It's been a modest celebration so far, but an important one -and this weekend, the public has the chance to take part. Since January, Parks Canada has been quietly celebrating their centennial.

To my children: Hoping for the 'best'

Sometimes, when I look down at you while you're sleeping, your faces so peaceful, your bodies curved up in that oh-so familiar slumbering pose (how funny that you both sleep the same way -bum in the air, hands warm and cozy tucked under your tummies)

Wages: good reason for uproar

Dear Editor: You wrote a thought-provoking piece in the paper about salaries at city hall (100K club doubled since '07, Burnaby NOW, July 8). When determining fair compensation, it is important to look at the total compensation package.

HST should be scrapped

Dear Editor: Like most British Columbians, I was totally appalled after the last provincial election, when the Liberals broke their promise and brought in the HST. Myself and many of my friends signed the petition against the HST.

BCTF out of touch with reality

How many people reading this are entitled to two weeks off work - with pay - because a friend has died? That type of paid leave is precisely what the B.C.

Tell gov't to scrap HST

Dear Editor: Re: Bloy: 'No' is the way to go, Letters to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, July 6. When I read MLA Harry Bloy's mendacious letter on why we should keep the HST, my blood pressure went to an all-time high.

With mission over, time to consider future

What will Canada's role be in future conflicts, and how closely should we ally ourselves with U.S. policy decisions?
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