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George Lee Law Corporation: Lawyers with cross-cultural expertise

George Lee came to Canada from China as a student, completed a law degree and started his own sole proprietorship law practice in 2002.

George Lee came to Canada from China as a student, completed a law degree and started his own sole proprietorship law practice in 2002.

Since that time, George Lee Law Corporation has grown to include four lawyers and a full support team that boasts a long, successful track record of assisting immigrants and investors from Asia through a full spectrum of legal issues.

Over the years, George Lee Law Corporation has been listed as the Best Chinese Law Firm in Vancouver and voted as Top 10 Best for Family Law, Immigration Law and Criminal Defense in Burnaby, BC on

It was also voted as Top 3 “Best Immigration Lawyers in Burnaby, BC” on

In 2016, George Lee Law Corporation was awarded the Most Innovative Law Firm in Canada by the Acquisition International Magazine based in U.K., and won the ACQ Global Awards 2016 for Canada (BC) Regional Family Law Firm of the Year and Canada (BC) Regional Immigration Law Firm of the Year.

“Three important factors differentiate us from other practices in Burnaby,” George says. “First, we are located in the community, not downtown. Second, we speak a variety of languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean. And third, we devise flat rate legal fee arrangements.”

George explains that the last point is important, because Asian clients are unfamiliar with the hourly fee rate structure prevalent in Canada.

“The hourly rate system has been passed along from the British legal system,” George says. “Clients in general and Asian people, in particular, don’t like it. They like the certainty of knowing what their legal fees are going to be. Even if it’s a complicated or lengthy case, we can offer a flat fee for each stage of the litigation process.”

George and his team at George Lee Law Corporation specialize in dealing with issues involving Asian countries and their citizens. He’s aware that the legal system in Canada is radically different from that in Asia.

“China, for example, does not have a legal system like ours,” he notes. “The evidence rules are totally different. Clients come to us because they don’t understand the rules here. They find it difficult to locate a lawyer who is fluently bilingual and who understands the laws and the cultures of both countries. That’s why clients retain us.”

George Lee Law Corporation works in the areas of immigration, conveyancing, and family law, in addition to other general legal issues.

For more information on George Lee Law Corporation, check out their website at, call 604-681-1611, email, find them on Facebookor visit their offices (Burnaby office: 608-4538 Kingsway, Burnaby / Richmond office: 1025-4000 No. 3 Road, Richmond).