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Get personalized care for your journey back to wellness

Individualized, tailored care is what this physiotherapy clinic is all about
painPRO Clinics offer physiotherapy in Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey.

You are an individual—complex and unique.

So, it stands to reason that when you are experiencing pain or discomfort, the road back to wellness will be one mapped out especially for you, taking into account all of the facets—physical and social—in your life.

That’s the way painPRO Clinics approaches the journey of care for its patients.

“Essentially, what we are is a collaborative care clinic,” says painPRO’s Burnaby physio clinic founder and CEO Michael Desrochers. “We deal with any individual’s orthopaedic pain or disfunction.”

That means painPRO, which offers physiotherapy in Burnaby (Metrotown), Surrey (North Surrey City Centre and Surrey Memorial), and Vancouver (City Square and Coal Harbour), have professionals trained in massage therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and chiropractic care.

“And they all collaborate,” Desrochers says, adding that coordinated approach is key.

“It’s not like we have a siloed type of treatment,” he explains. “If a patient is seeing a number of our practitioners, they all communicate and work towards getting the best results for the patient.”

That approach plays perfectly into the “one size does not fit all” treatment philosophy.

Individualized, tailored care is what painPRO is all about.

“Our treatments are customized to the unique situation of  the patient,” Desrochers says.

The other component of painPRO’s care is adherence to its bio-psycho-social model.

“What that means is pain is not only physical in nature,” Desrochers says. “There are other factors that can impact the pain continuum.”

For example, if a patient comes to the clinic with a sore back, the discomfort could be structural and physical in nature, but, more often than not, it can also include psychological pressure or stress.

“And that can be compounded by other factors in your life—a divorce or relationship break-up.”

Most other clinics strictly look at the physical nature of pain and the treatment begins and ends there.

“We look at things with a much broader view,” Desrochers says. “If you are suffering with anxiety or depression, that can exacerbate pain. If you have social insecurity, or even feel isolated, that can also make pain worse.

“All of those kinds of circumstances can mix together to create a pain cycle. And for us, it’s about understanding the complexity of a patient’s life.”

And painPRO approaches that by framing the way it communicates with patients.

“We bring in outside educators for our therapists and use our own programs, to help provide a different way of thinking about the bio-psycho-social model of pain, and the myriad of factors that can be causing it,” Desrochers says.

Another key component is giving the patient a “voice” in their care and treatment.

“They also have to understand there may be other factors impacting their pain cycle,” Desrochers says.

For more on how painPRO Clinics can help you with a treatment plan made just for you, check out their website at