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Here’s where you can find top-quality batteries for every need

Polar Battery is the leading supplier of battery products in the Lower Mainland
Polar Battery carries a variety of battery brands for all power applications.

Are you sure you’re using the right battery for your needs?

Using the incorrect type of battery or one that’s lower in quality can lead to frustration and a shorter power lifespan.

“It’s really important that when you’re replacing your batteries today, you’re getting the right battery for your specs,” Polar Battery Ltd. general manager Erik Henrikson says.

For example, a typical car battery usually lasts anywhere from four to six years. However, the demand on car batteries in today’s vehicles is significantly more demanding, where engines shut off when the car is stopped.

“The electrical demand is much more intense on the battery. If you replace it with the incorrect type, it can kill your battery in as little as six months,” Henrikson says.

The battery specialists at Polar Battery can ensure you’re getting the right, top-quality battery for your needs.

Since 1978, family-owned Polar Battery has been sharing its battery expertise with customers throughout B.C., servicing the wholesale battery needs of thousands of individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Its warehouse holds the widest range of battery brands for all power applications including automotive, boats, motorcycles, scooters, wheelchairs, commercial and industrial equipment, communications systems, power tools, solar and renewable energy projects, and much, much more.

“We carry everything from replacement watch batteries to big batteries that start locomotive engines and everything in between,” Henrikson says.

“Part of the reason why customers are so loyal to Polar Battery is that they know when they buy from one of our stores, they’re buying top quality.”

Polar offers great prices, great quality, and the know-how to help its customers get the best solution for their power requirements.

Unsure about the life of your battery? The battery specialists at Polar can test your battery and give you great advice to keep your batteries in good shape.

They can also help you when your old batteries reach the end of their life. Just bring them into Polar. As members of the Canadian Battery Association, they recycle all batteries responsibly, no matter what size or material they are.

To find your trusted local battery experts, visit