Local Vancouver nail salon now has waterless manicures, pedicures

The next time you get a pedicure, skip the water.

A new, safer pedicure and manicure technique has arrived in Vancouver at Miss CEO Nail Salon.

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Miss CEO Nail Salon takesa conscious and clean approach to beauty, using non-toxic nail polishes and waterless hand and foot care using a medical pedicure machine—making it the first of its kind in B.C. to do so.

Not only are the cosmetic treatments safe and 100% bacteria-free, but they also guarantee long-lasting results.

After all, water and nail polish have never been friends.

If you’re fed up with paying for a gel manicure, only to have it chip a week later, the waterless method can help. That’s because your nail temporarily expands after your hands are soaked, which causes the nail polish to buckle and chip once your nail returns to its original shape.

Instead, Miss CEO Nail Salon will use a electrical device equipped with a rotating burr that hygienically and gently files away tough skin in less time than with a standard file.

Enjoy longer-lasting silky feet while saving water and the planet with this European pedicure technology, available exclusively at Miss CEO Nail Salon at 835 Drake Street in Yaletown.

Take on a journey of a conscious living and self-care and enjoy bacteria and worry-free environment at Miss CEO Nail Salon. Sign up for a CEO Membership at www.missceo.ca to get 10% lifetime savings on all services and be a CEO of your own life and beauty!

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