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Looking for a safe and social summer activity? Try lawn bowling for outdoor fun

The South Burnaby Lawn Bowls Club is actively recruiting new members
Play bowling at the South Burnaby Lawn Bowls Club.

The South Burnaby Lawn Bowls Club is looking forward to welcoming new and returning members for its 2021 summer season.

“Because we are an outdoor sport, we are able to follow guidelines from the public health office that allow us to play from the later half of May on to September,” club president Linda North says.

“We’re extremely lucky that way.”

The 104-year-old club is also actively recruiting new members who want to try out the sport, making it easy for anyone who wants to join.

For a reduced introductory membership fee, new members will receive lessons, coaching and the use of club bowls for the season at no additional cost.

“No prior knowledge is necessary, and there are no team commitments, which allows for flexible schedules,” North says.

“We love to see new people so we’re more than accommodating to help them out.”

The low impact sport isn’t physically demanding, and the club also provides aids to assist those who require some extra help.

“The most physical part is walking from one end to another. It’s a very nice, sociable sport,” North says.

“You can be as competitive as you want, but there’s no pressure to do so.”

Often the club has draws to see who will play with whom. There is no need to commit to a regular weekly schedule. Most of the games take place in the morning or the evening to avoid the heat of the day and last for two hours.

“Our club members are just a really good group of people and we have a lot of fun,” North says.

The Club has another reason to celebrate this year’s reopening: for the first time in 50 years, it will have a brand new green that is weed-free and without bald spots.

To learn more about membership, please call 604-437-3545 or visit