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Office space alternatives: Finding a solution you can be proud to call your own

These days, there are many different office space and co-working models to choose from.

These days, there are many different office space and co-working models to choose from. That’s why BOSS Business Centres makes sure to give clients a high-quality space and stellar services, but with the warmth of a supportive community, according to owner Julian Clark.

While other business centres are readily available, they can be cold and impersonal with corporate rules and procedures that lead to inflexibility and unpredictable billing, he points out. Their contracts can be difficult to decipher, and they may not be willing to bend on specific needs and wants of the clients. While BOSS Business Centres offers a Class A office space and the professional services that the larger centres offer, BOSS goes above and beyond to ensure their clients feel at home.

“We are very flexible and very accommodating of our clients,” Julian says.

This might include helping a client switch out the furniture in their office for something that works better for them, he adds. BOSS strives to create a friendly atmosphere where connections between clients flourish, but avoids some of the pitfalls of co-working spaces, according to Julian.

Co-working spaces can be less professional and provide less privacy, he explains. Their clientele tends to be more transient and they don’t offer all the services and amenities of a business centre.

“You could pay $300 for a co-working space, or you can spend $300 here and have your own office when you need it,” Julian says. BOSS Business Centres provides the professionalism and quality of the larger, more corporate centres, with the warmth and community of a co-working space, creating the best of both worlds. BOSS often helps clients connect directly, and hosts special get-togethers for everyone in the centre to get to know each other.

“We hold events to bring our clients together, we do muffin days, we do wine and cheese days around Christmas,” Julian says of the centres’ community spirit. BOSS Business Centres is located at 3292 Production Way in Burnaby. For more information on the unique office spaces and services offered by BOSS, go to their website or email them directly.