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Personal touch provides insurance coverage that suits you best

An insurance broker can tailor coverage that fits you and discuss any important decisions
John Fleming Insurance Agency can meet all of your insurance needs.

Deciding on the type of insurance for your home, business or possessions can be a daunting task.

How much coverage do you need?

What type of events do you want protection from?

How much do you want to pay?

And what amount of risk are you comfortable taking?

All of those questions, and many more, can be discussed with your insurance broker. And at John Fleming Insurance Agency in Burnaby, staff not only take the time to provide the insurance options available to you, but get to know you so they can tailor coverage that fits you best.

“We go over and above what other insurance companies do by really getting to know our clients, understand their personality to give them coverage they are confident meets their needs,” says Frank Astorino, president of John Fleming Insurance Agency. “We provide more of a boutique style service, rather than a cookie cutter take it or leave it approach that other brokers give to their clients.”

Developing a meaningful relationship with clients helps brokers at John Fleming Insurance Agency discuss important decisions, such as whether or not adding earthquake insurance is a good option.

“When it comes to that type of situation, different clients have different risk tolerances,” Astorino says. “While an earthquake is considered as a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’ probability in our region, some clients still have questions whether it’s the right choice for them.”

And what advice does he give clients on earthquake coverage?

“I tell them that if they can afford to re-build their house after an earthquake, and remain unsure if they could benefit from earthquake insurance, don’t take it,” he says.

“But, if you can’t afford to re-build, then include it.”

Whatever their decision on coverage, Astorino says it’s the job of the insurance broker to explain in plain terms what a client’s specific policy covers, and what it doesn’t.

“That allows the customer to pick what coverage they want, which puts them at ease,” he says.

And given the rate of repeat customers at John Fleming Insurance Agency, they have plenty of satisfied policy holders who sleep soundly at night knowing they have the protection they want.

“Our customer retention rate is around 95%, which is above the industry standard,” Astorino says. “That shows we have grown our customer base organically, and it includes many new clients who have been referred to us by current customers, which is a good indication of how well we treat our clients.”

For more information about how John Fleming Insurance Agency can meet your insurance needs, visit their website at

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