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Pre-planning your funeral eases the burden on your loved ones

Everden Rust Funeral Services has the expertise, care and compassion to make the process smooth and serene
Pre-planning can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind.

It’s not usually an every-day conversation.

In fact, most people try and ignore and put it on the back burner.

But when you realize the benefits of pre-planning your funeral, and those of your loved ones, it clears away the apprehensions and anxieties.

And Everden Rust Funeral Services, which has served the communities of the Okanagan (Kelowna, Penticton and West Kelowna) since 1994, has the expertise, care and compassion to make the process smooth and serene.

But why plan ahead?

Simply put, funerals can be an overwhelming event to organize, especially during a time of mourning. It can leave your loved ones to try and gather together a wide assortment of meaningful details and information to make a host of important decisions.

Pre-planning can take away many of those responsibilities and leave them with, at the very least, a framework to build upon, or a complete and specific list of items to follow.

At the top of the pre-planning benefits is the fact that your service can be held in accordance with your wishes—and with the assistance and input of family members, if you desire. That way, those closest to you are aware of your plans, such as burial or cremation, and will know what to expect.

Just leave it to the experienced staff at the funeral home in Kelowna to work on the details that you have set out.

The financial implications of a funeral service can also be lessened when you pre-plan.

Paying when you make your plans not only does away with an unneeded matter while grieving, but it guards you from inflation and price changes.

At Everden Rust Funeral Services, all pre-payments are deposited into a trust fund where it will remain until needed.

But say you would like to pre-plan but are not sure you will remain in the community where you presently live?

Rest assured, all details of your pre-planned arrangements and payments are recorded and can easily be transferred to any funeral service in Canada or the U.S.

So, how do you start the process?

Visit the Everden Rust Funeral Services website, click on the pre-plan tab and fill out the pre-planning checklist.

It will provide a comprehensive list of the formal details required, plus those to help you prepare for a personalized service.

Then you can schedule a meeting with one of their staff members to further discuss in-person your wishes.

It’s an easy and straightforward conversation that takes into account the care, consideration and benefits of having a pre-planned funeral.

For more information on how pre-planning can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind concerning your funeral, visit