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Profiles of Excellence: Deer Lake Law Group

For most people, the need for legal help often arises as a result of conflict and change – in other words, during a time of great stress.
Deer Lake Law Group

For most people, the need for legal help often arises as a result of conflict and change – in other words, during a time of great stress.

Recognizing what a client needs and being able to deliver it – not just legally but also personally and emotionally – is part of what sets the Deer Lake Law Group apart.

“It’s not enough to provide great legal services, we must ensure that clients feel valued,” said Antonio Simoes who founded the Deer Lake Law Group with his spouse, Lana Shparberg. “Families and individuals find us during times of crisis and we should do whatever it takes to make the best of an unfortunate circumstance.”

In 2010, the Simoes family moved from Calgary to Burnaby. Simoes had practised law for more than a decade in Alberta. The pair opened the doors of their practice in 2011, and have been growing ever since.

In 2015, the Deer Lake Law Group moved into bigger offices at Deer Lake Centre, and the team – which Simoes describes as a family – now includes a large and diverse group of lawyers and support staff.

“We focus on finding timely and cost-effective solutions to life’s biggest and most unexpected challenges, like the breakdown of a family, car accidents, issues in the workplace, estate issues, applying for probate and more,” said Simoes. “Our main areas of practice are family litigation, family mediation, and estate litigation, but with six lawyers in the office, we can assist with virtually any situation.”

Simoes says it’s a priority for his team that every client feels supported through their unique and individual circumstances.

“We want our clients to find the ‘good in goodbye’ and to remain future-focused,” he said. “We help clients recognize that no matter the pain, physical or emotional, that they are feeling at this time, there is a happier life waiting for them.”

Additionally, Simoes notes that it’s critical to listen to clients at every step of the process, and to respond to what they want and need.

“We involve our clients in making decisions about the course of action to be taken on their file so that they feel in control of the process. While some clients prefer a low-conflict approach focused on negotiation and mediation, others choose to litigate aggressively. We help our clients pursue their choices so that there are fewer surprises in the end,” he said. “And my door is always open – I encourage clients to share with me any positive comments but also express to me any concerns that they may have.”

Simoes says Burnaby has been an ideal place to call home, both for himself and for Deer Lake Law Group.

“We love to keep things local: we live, work, shop and learn in Burnaby,” he said. “It’s the geographical centre of the greater Vancouver area and this makes it an ideal location to operate.”

The firm has been involved with a number of local community organizations and institutions, and have been members of the Burnaby Board of Trade for more than seven years.

No matter what the future brings, Simoes says the focus will remain the same: offering top-notch legal services to every single client.

“We have remained true to our roots as a small family-owned business with friendly staff and experienced lawyers. No matter how big we grow, we want everyone who walks through our doors to feel comfortable, welcome and heard.”

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