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Profiles of Excellence: Foodies on Board

Creating good food is a balance of art and science: one has to consider the way a dish will taste, look, and smell but also the balance of ingredients, nutrition, and value.
Foodies on Board
Ken Ou, Owner

Creating good food is a balance of art and science: one has to consider the way a dish will taste, look, and smell but also the balance of ingredients, nutrition, and value.

For husband-and-wife team Ken and Yvenna Ou at Foodies on Board, it’s a challenge they’re passionate about. The company has two primary arms: a restaurant with dine-in or online order and delivery options, and a catering side that focuses on corporate events, weddings, parties, on-location film sites, and other businesses, as well as packaged meals for school or home. On both sides, the focus is on using the best quality ingredients at an affordable price point, to provide food that is not just incredibly tasty but also nutritious, drawing on inspiration from both local foods and international flavours.

“We spare no effort in ensuring that the best, healthiest, meals are prepared here,” said Ken, noting that they work with local farmers and farm cooperatives in sourcing ingredients. “We leave nothing to chance when selecting quality products, and a great amount of  effort and research has gone into ensuring our menu is  full of nourishing foods. We use whole, natural organic ingredients as well as non-medicated meats, such as free-range eggs and chicken. We believe food shouldn’t just taste good, but also make you feel good.”

The business grew out of Ken’s 25-year career in the food industry and inspiration from his own family. When heading out for a meal, he found they often wanted different types of food – some focused on a category of flavour and others seeking healthy choices.

“I think this happens often when friends or family go out together. So we came up with the idea of creating a restaurant that provides a little bit of everything most customers want. This was the inspiration that brought Foodies on Board to life.”

So far, it’s been a winning combination. In fact, the company was voted #1 caterer in Burnaby this year.

“We are a made-from-scratch kitchen,” he said. “We even make our own bacon the old-school way. It’s time consuming but there’s no added chemicals so it tastes better and is healthier for your body. We also offer a variety of dishes to meet different types of diets, such as gluten-free, vegan, keto, and paleo. We also offer freshly prepared meal plans for busy families or office workers that deliver to their house or office. The meal plans are designed to be both nutritionally balance and incredibly delicious. Our goal is to not only save you time but also make eating healthy an enjoyable experience.”

The pair opened the doors to Foodies on Board in 2017 and have been growing ever since. They’re expanding into a second bigger location in Olympic Village in 2020, as well as a franchise express location on Broadway in Vancouver in December.

The goal is to be the industry leader for fast, healthy food choices in the local community, and in corporate and special event catering, hot lunches for schools, and more.

With the reputation they’ve already built, and their focus on constant innovation and improvement, it’s not hard to imagine that Foodies on Board will be serving up excellence for a long time to come.

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