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Profiles of Excellence: GKS Law Firm

Like with most things in life, timeliness is paramount when considering options related to workplace injuries
From L to R: Gail Sharma, Principal Lawyer; Risha Sidhu, Associate Lawyer; Raveena Dhindsa, Legal Assistant at GKS Law Firm.

Never mind the accusations of laziness or an overreliance on avocado toast – according to Gail Sharma, the kids are alright.

As principal lawyer with GKS Law Firm, Sharma is seeing more and more young people access legal services when injured on the job.

It’s a new shift that’s seeing young workers empower and protect themselves in the face of potentially life-altering scenarios.

“It used to be mostly people over 40 and 50, but now the younger generations, who are now more aware of their rights, are coming in as well,” says Sharma, whose firm focuses exclusively on Workers’ Compensation law. “They’re aware of the fact that, ‘Hey, if I’m hurt at work, I’ve got to file a claim and I need to get some help.’ They’re reaching out a lot more.”

Like with most things in life, timeliness is paramount when considering options related to workplace injuries. Seeing a doctor and consulting with Sharma’s team should be done immediately after an injury no matter the sector: warehouse workers, retail and office employees, those in construction and virtually anyone else.

Failing to do so can result in a lifetime of pain and psychological stress.

“What used to happen is, people would fail to reach out when they were in their 20s when they got injured and then they came back later when the injury was way worse and it was too late for us to do anything about it,” Sharma explains.

Navigating the legal world need not be complicated or a burden on the injured. That’s where close to 20 years of experience at Sharma’s firm comes into play. As someone who is bilingual, Sharma is well-versed in the need to explain things in a concise and worry-free manner.

“We understand that just by having us here, it reduces the clients’ stress level as well,” Sharma adds. “If you’ve got an injury and you need to get better, you shouldn’t have to worry about the legal aspects of what your rights are, if you need to file something or what you need to do.”

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