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Profiles of Excellence: Haus of Cars

Do what you love – with passion and integrity – and success will follow.
Haus of Cars
L to R: Simon So and Joseph Hays

Do what you love – with passion and integrity – and success will follow.

That’s the philosophy that Joseph Hays and his business partner Simon So have taken with their Burnaby-based auto repair and detailing business Haus of Cars, and so far, it’s proving to be true.

“It might sound simple but really our goal, truly, is to be outstanding, in every way,” said Hays. “We strive to do that in every single interaction with a customer, whether it’s on the front end in our customer service, the way we work with each customer, or the back end with the quality of the work we’re doing. We really do take pride in everything we do, and it’s something we are always looking at, talking about, and finding ways to do even better.”

Haus of Cars is an independent auto shop offering a one-stop destination for anything a car may need.

“Our niche is really that we do it all,” said Hays.

From sourcing out a specific vehicle a customer is searching for, organizing purchase and financing, repairs and proactive maintenance, and body and paint restorations. Hays started out in the sales side at a dealership, and quickly found that he loved what he did – especially as he moved into independently importing unique vehicles from Japan -but also quickly realized that in today’s busy world, customers could be better served by having access to a wider spectrum of services in one place.

“That’s really our specialty: the ability to take care of all your vehicle needs under one roof,” he said. “We have a lot of expertise in our own staff but if something is outside our scope, we have trusted shops that we work with to make that happen, so that a customer isn’t having to go from place to place to get what they need.”

Hays opened the shop in early 2015 and later joined forces with So as partners in the business. So’s decade-long experience working in the mechanical side of the auto industry was a perfect match for Hays’ background in sales.

But the magic that has made the difference is their mutual love of cars.

“I was always the kid geeking out on the cars and the specs and what’s new and hot, and I just loved everything about it,” he said. “It was the same for Simon. This isn’t just a business for us, it’s what we do and what we love.

We both have a deep passion for motorsports and when the day ends here at the shop, we are still talking cars at night.”

Hays says the pair also believe that success is a byproduct of good business, not the primary goal.

“If we give our customers the best service, if they trust us, and come back to us and recommend us to others, if we do the best we can for every person through our door, and build those relationships and that reputation, then really the growth comes out of that, not the other way around,” he said. And it shows, as their customer reviews are nearly all 5-star reviews.

Being situated in the heart of Burnaby is ideal as it provides a central hub for both customers and for other vendors they may work with.

“We love it here. I grew up here and it’s a unique community that’s in the middle of everything,” he said. “It’s an ideal homebase for us.”

Hays says he’s excited to see what the future brings and is already brewing ideas around how to incorporate education and teaching, perhaps via video and in-person workshops covering a variety of topics.

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