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Profiles of Excellence: HiFive24

The team behind HiFive24 Baked and Fried Chicken had a special vision in mind when they set out to create a new option for fast food: Eat Better, Live Better.

The team behind HiFive24 Baked and Fried Chicken had a special vision in mind when they set out to create a new option for fast food: Eat Better, Live Better.

“Eat better” means the HiFive24 team handpicks the freshest ingredients, carefully avoiding the frozen aisles, and uses trans-fat free oil for cooking. HiFive24 does not use monosodium glutamate. In addition to this, HiFive24 provides an array of healthy salads in their menu.

Most importantly, HiFive24 is the only fast food business in the market that offers no-oil, no-breading baked chicken. HiFive24 is extremely mindful of the diverse dietary needs in the community and gives equal importance to vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices in their menu.

HiFive24’s vision of “Live Better” not only involves having friendly staff to serve the customers in a clean and cozy place but it goes beyond and regularly gives back to community. Giving back to community includes a seniors’ discount program, a half price program for local police services, a gift card donation program with the Canadian Blood Donor Services, and sponsoring local community events.

This approach has proven to be a booming success so far. After successfully launching the company’s first location at Main and Marine Drive in Vancouver a year ago, the second location opened in September on Tenth Avenue in Burnaby. The co-owners of HiFive24 have a goal to open another 12 stores across the region in the next five years.

“HiFive24 was born of our passion to bring healthy, homey, and delicious chicken cooked to perfection” says Milind Palashetkar.

Palashetkar and business partners Mono Moitra and Suraj Sharma have a combined 80 years of collective experience in fast food industry. It was Moitra – nicknamed the Chicken King by his teammates – whose original vision, born from his long career in the industry, resonated with the two younger partners, that ultimately led to the creation of HiFive24.

“It’s really your friendly neighbourhood diner – your kitchen away from home,” said Palashetkar.

Since opening their first store a year ago, the HiFive24 team have received positive feedback from enthusiastic customers. Loyal fans return over and over, and new customers come in everyday thanks to the company’s growing reputation. “We see some customers two or three times in a week,” he said. “And every day we host 20 to 30 new customers, who become our friends, along with returning patrons. Customer service is a number 1 priority – we treat every customer as our guest.”

The second store is in an ideal location- close to Coquitlam, and on the border of New Westminster and Burnaby, right on one of the main routes for both commuting and local traffic. The store is also a part of the Skip the Dishes network, so food can be delivered to customers.

Palashetkar says the company is focused not just on providing healthy food options with excellent service, but also on being a top-notch employer.

“We have over 45 employees in both stores. We care for our employees and do monthly incentives,” he said.

“We are a 100% Canadian company,” he added. “At our heart, we carry the same spirit of sharing with the community and nurturing diversity which make Canada special. Our team is diverse and friendly. All the core principles of a truly Canadian company.”

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