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Where to find the best seniors housing in Vancouver

Tapestry communities offer high-quality assisted living
At Tapestry, meals are prepared by professional chefs using the highest-quality ingredients.

Assisted living in Vancouver reaches new heights with Tapestry’s thriving, connected communities where individuals experience healthy and fulfilled lives.

Wondering what sets Tapestry’s Vancouver seniors housing apart? It’s the focus on excellence in the dining experience, wellness, connection to the community and its team.

Dining experience

Dining at Tapestry is unparalleled.

Tapestry strives to deliver a culinary experience that makes dining a truly unforgettable experience.

Meals are prepared by professional chefs using the highest-quality, local, fresh and sustainable ingredients that reflect each community’s unique geography, as well as the changing seasons.

Menu selections feature healthy and enticing options reflecting Canada’s Food Guide, which recommends a balanced approach with an emphasis on plant-based nutrients and high-quality proteins to support wellness.

At Tapestry, you can also choose how you want to enjoy your meals, whether you’re cooking in your own home or enjoying eating out at the restaurant or pub.


Wellness at Tapestry is about living the best life possible by embracing an active and healthy lifestyle that improves physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being. 

Tapestry takes a unique approach aligned to support the seven dimensions of wellness, which encompasses physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational health. 

In both Vancouver Tapestry communities, the daily calendar of events and activities spans the seven dimensions of wellness.

Connection to community

Tapestry emphasizes the importance of belonging, fulfillment and philanthropy in all its seniors’ communities. 

With a wide range of wellness-focused activities, Tapestry evolves and adapts to changing resident needs and desires. Throughout the year, they support several different events and programs customized to what is important to each Tapestry community including Active Aging Week, Terry Fox Run, intergenerational food education programs and more.

Tapestry’s people

Tapestry is unique because of the spirit, energy and dedication of its employees. 

Every day, they go to work focused on creating memorable moments in thriving, connected communities where individuals experience healthy and fulfilled lives. 

In all communities, its employees are passionately committed to exceeding their residents’ service expectations and delivering a unique experience fuelled by the seniors’ energy and enthusiasm for living an independent and fulfilled life.

Discover the difference Tapestry makes today. Visit