VIDEO: Coquitlam pedestrian with no common sense freaks out driver

Chris Campbell

Late last month, I posted a blog called “’N’ driver with a death wish pulls U-turn in Burnaby traffic” that was about, well, the headline kind of says it all. (You can read it here.)

It included a reader-submitted video clip of a driver doing something insane.

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Since then, I’ve been inundated with dash-cam videos from drivers, helmet-cam videos from cyclists and cell-phone videos from pedestrians.

I’m pretty choosy about what blogs I post, but one video stood out for the recklessness of the person in it. The video was sent by Burnaby NOW reader Kevin Loh (you can see the video below). He was driving west on Lougheed, approaching the Burnaby border at North Road.

I’ve driven this stretch probably a thousand times and so I knew what was going to happen even before I clicked on the video.

Pedestrians too lazy to walk down to the light at North Road, or the intersection just to the east, cross Lougheed despite the fact that traffic is pretty heavy (and yes, many drivers are also going way too fast). I’ve lost count of how many pedestrians have nearly been hit by drivers because somebody sprinted into traffic.

Even worse, this brain-dead pedestrian is seen suddenly stopping in the middle of the road to pick something up as Loh’s vehicle approaches. Fortunately, he was paying attention and made an evasive move to avoid hitting the pedestrian, but you can hear Loh gasp at the shock of somebody suddenly stopping in front of his vehicle.

Look, too many drivers are reckless and we all need to check ourselves out on the road. But there are a few pedestrians who do idiotic things that put themselves in danger. This is a clear example of that.

Perhaps Coquitlam needs to install decorative fencing along this stretch so pedestrians can’t cross here.

Some people need protection from themselves.

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