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In the Community

Christmas "Cheer" gets started early

Local school has raised more than $200,000 in last 10 years for Burnaby Christmas Bureau program

Keep kids warm

The Rotary Coats for Kids program is looking for donations of jackets to keep local kids warm this winter. The coats are loaded on a truck and taken to schools and community centres where kids in need have been picked out for the program.

Mark the season

Local cultural site hosts autumn fair this weekend
SFU's Burnaby campus gets giant, interactive periodic table

SFU's Burnaby campus gets giant, interactive periodic table

Simon Fraser University has a new educational toy: a giant interactive periodic table with real examples of the elements. The table is an embedded wall display, about 10 feet long and six feet tall, with a box for each element.

Football, reunions, fall fairs and more in the city

We're continuing with our popular feature - our staff's Top 5 (Or More) Things To Do This Weekend.

A closer look at the aging brain

Laugh lines, a few grey hairs and those hardto-lose pounds - along with a frustrating inability to recall names or what you did last Tuesday - are all signs of middle age.

Learn the art of gravy

Have you ever had the misfortune of tasting gravy that was bland, watery, or as starchy as dragging your tongue across a pile of raw flour? To say the least, it is not pleasant; and a far cry from serving its purpose: to enhance the food being served

SFU students stage sit-in

A group of students occupied the Simon Fraser Student Society board room at SFU's Burnaby campus on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Fall celebrated at Nikkei Place in Burnaby

The leaves are turning colour and the rain has returned - fall is here, and with it comes a local event aimed at celebrating all things autumn, with a cultural twist.

Are neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light?

Was Einstein wrong? That's what physicists are wondering now that new data from the CERN facility in Switzerland appears to show that neutrinos are travelling faster than the speed of light.