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In the Community

What's up this weekend?

We're continuing with our popular feature - our staff's Top 5 (Or More) Things To Do This Weekend. For this week's feature, we have more free events and a three-day Finnish festival.

Take us travelling

Off for some summer adventure? Don't forget to take along a recent copy of the Burnaby NOW. Get a photo on your travels with it, and send it in upon your return for inclusion in a future Paper Postcards.

Garden program growing

A New Westminster gardening program takes root in Burnaby

Kensington fair on

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Aug. 4 - it's time for the annual Kensington community fair. According to organizers, the fair has grown to the second largest community event in Burnaby over the past 12 years.

Frame day with positives

I've recently written of the challenges of romantic and marital relationships, how our thoughts of one another can suddenly or gradually shift from the positive to the negative, and how love - without deliberate care and maintenance - can be lost.

Yoga for free

In case you missed it in a recent Top 5 listing, there are free, ongoing yoga classes in Burnaby. There are two options: every Wednesday, from 7 to 8: 30 p.m. at the Burnaby Hindu Temple, at 3885 Albert St.
Riding the rails in Burnaby raises awareness

Riding the rails in Burnaby raises awareness

About forty staff members of Express Pardons took transit on June 29, sitting on SkyTrain seats, reading newspapers, all regular transit-riding activities.

Paper Postcards

Want to be featured in Paper Postcards? Take a copy of your local paper along on your next trip. Snap some photos of yourself and the paper in front of a scenic backdrop or landmark. Send your photos by email to postcards@ burnabynow.

Healthy alternatives

In my last column, I supplied you, the readers, with a selection of no-cook recipes for kids of all ages to make with the intention of contributing to family meal preparation.

Get slugs under control

Slugs arouse our hatred when they eat precious seedlings, but they also recycle dead plant materials and become food themselves for garter snakes, frogs, toads and some birds.