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This Burnaby shopping mall is being taken over by sportswear giants

Nike, L.L.Bean, Adidas and the Sporting Life are looking for your money
The new Adidas store in the Amazing Brentwood.

It’s the battle of the sportswear giants.

And it’s taking place right in North Burnaby. Adidas just opened a big new store at the Amazing Brentwood on Saturday and it’s located right beside one of its main rivals, Nike, and across from another, the Sporting Life. Oh, and L.L.Bean, which sells sportswear and clothing for those long hikes, has also announced it's opening up at the expanded Brentwood.

With COVID-19 motivating people to get more active, especially outdoors, a new sportswear store is opening to meet your needs.

The Sporting Life has by far the largest store as it takes up one entire side of the mall. But Adidas and Nike are definitely the better-known brands on the West Coast.

While many companies are pulling out of malls due to COVID-19 business impacts, the Amazing Brentwood has attracted a lot of big retailers, including H&M and Urban Outfitters.

Adidas is a huge fish to land and they have outlined some features of the new store.

Adidas teamed up with local artist Carrielynn Victor on a mural that will be featured in-store.

The new location will feature a bottle refill station to help encourage the use of reusable water bottles. The station equipment also features an NSF-certified filter which reduces lead and other harmful contaminants.

The fitting room will include high grade maple hardwood floors reclaimed from the Scappoose High School gym, located in Oregon.

All vinyl used for in-store graphic applications will be made from a PVC-free material.

All decorative wood furniture will be FSC Certified, meaning the timber used to produce the furniture came from a forest which has been evaluated and certified as being managed according to the correct social, economic and environmental standards.