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New study suggests Burnaby is one of Canada's best cities for gamers

BonusFinder's research indicates Burnaby has one of the better internet download speeds for online gamers and hosts more industry jobs in western Canada.
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BonusFinder Canada suggests that Burnaby is one of Canada's most popular cities for online and board gamers.

It appears Burnaby is a hot-spot for gamers in B.C. and across the country.

And that title makes sense for online or virtual games as the city hosts Electronic Arts' (EA) Canadian office — just west of BCIT.

BonusFinder Canada's recent report, published last Monday, Nov. 20, placed Burnaby with the ninth-best score in its "Top 10 Canadian Cities for Gamers" index based on six distinct categories.

The 6.14 total also second among B.C. communities with Vancouver (6.95) ranked in the fifth spot.

According to its findings, BonusFinder said internet download speeds and available industry jobs is what makes Burnaby an ideal "gamer-friendly" location.

"With the ever-growing Canadian gaming industry now worth a staggering $5.5 billion in 2021, and 61 per cent of the population playing games, many gaming enthusiasts seek the ideal location to reside and pursue their passion," the outlet explained in a news release sent to the NOW.

BonusFinder's research was compiled up until July 6 this year.

Burnaby, as of that date, has the ninth-best average broadbend speed of more than 258 megabits per second (mbps). BonusFinder referred to Speedtest Global Index for its findings.

As well, there were more than 140 jobs in gaming based in Burnaby, which was the fourth-highest among the most populated cities in Canada.

Other categories included (Burnaby numbers in brackets):

  • Number of gaming conventions (0)
  • Number of board game conventions (2)
  • Number of games developer studios (3)
  • Number of games and entertainment centres (3)

Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton were the top three cities on BonusFinder's Canadian cities for gamers list.

BonusFinder Canada's graphic that details the "Top 10 Canadian Cities for Gamers" for 2023. Burnaby is ranked ninth out of 20 communities. By BonusFinder Canada