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Opinion: COVID-19 was a 'hoax' until her Burnaby friend got it

Why does it take a personal connection for some to believe?
Photo: Face masks / Getty Images

A Burnaby woman who got COVID-19 after being exposed at Burnaby Hospital says she has found a silver lining in all of this.

It convinced a COVID denier to change their ways.

Jane (not her real name as she wants her privacy protected) had been admitted to Burnaby Hospital a few days before after needing an emergency procedure back in December 2020.

While she was there, the hospital was hit by an outbreak that continues today.

I spoke with her to find out what it must be like to be in a hospital for something other than COVID-19 and have all hell break loose right in front of you.

What happened was Jane ended up getting COVID-19 and then her husband did as well.

Both are out of quarantine now and Jane let me know about the silver lining.

“I know at least one acquaintance of mine who because of me has gone from the ‘it's a hoax, I'm never wearing a mask’ camp to being a militant mask-wearer and now wholeheartedly believes in all the precautions necessary to fight this pandemic,” Jane said. “If a few people could be affected like that, then maybe it was somewhat worth it.”

Imagine having to see your friend sick with COVID-19 before you finally accept that the pandemic is real.

Why do these folks need someone close to them to get sick before they finally believe? It shouldn’t be this hard to get people to take things seriously.

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