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Back in the saddle with Burnaby's arts scene

Ask anyone who saw me dancing around the office last Friday morning (assuming we can call the uncoordinated, ungraceful jumping-twirling-arm-waving thing I do dancing), and you'll soon learn that I am indeed back at my own desk.

City of Burnaby acknowledges its heroes

Burnaby city council has approved seven new local heroes to add to the city's roster. The nominees for the 15th annual civic hero awards were approved by council at the Aug. 29 council meeting.

Burnaby 'superheroes' to rappel 20 storeys for charity

Seven Burnaby folk have the heart (and guts) required to rappel 200 feet down a skyscraper for a children's charity.

Top picks for this long weekend in Burnaby

We're continuing with our popular feature - our staff's Top 5 (Or More) Things To Do This Weekend. We've moved publication to our Friday editions.

Municipal auditor not needed, says mayor

Corrigan says establishing an auditor general's office would be a waste of money

Fast facts about B.C. Fed

You've heard their name, but who are they, exactly? The British Columbia Federation of Labour is a group that speaks for the more than 450,000 members of its affiliated unions, from more than 1,100 locals, working in every aspect of the B.C. economy.

Bomb threat used in robbery

Most bank robberies involve a knife, or threat of a gun hidden from view or a threatening note passed to a bank teller, but a would-be thief in Burnaby used a far more Hollywood approach Wednesday.

Did you know? Facts about union history

Did you know? Here are a few facts about early union history in Canada, courtesy of the federal government: Around 1860, the earliest Canadian unions were mostly craft unions composed of skilled workers such as tailors, shoemakers and printers.

Why local teachers are taking job action

Many people may not be aware of why teachers are taking job action at this time.

VIDEO: Dreams come true in Burnaby

Amanjot Khera, 16, will need a heart transplant someday, due to a heart condition she's had since birth.
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